Metaphysics Offers Hope – coronavirus


I hope this finds you safe and well, and trust that you are informed about the physical threat of the coronavirus and how to protect yourselves and those around you during this alarming time.

Beyond the common sense steps we’re being asked to take in order to lessen the spread of virus, there is so much more we can do to be proactive and productive during this time of crisis on our planet.

I’m here to share some condensed thoughts, inspiration and information I’ve harvested from various channels about some metaphysical implications and opportunities in the swell of this mighty pathogen’s wake.

The coronavirus is, indeed, a mighty wake-up call!

I’m here to encourage the awakening of humankind and support this call to unity, so we may become a more powerfully creative force of nature in the face of the coronavirus impact.

It’s an amazingly powerful time of transformation on our planet…. We get to choose how the transformation goes and where it leads us.

Let us choose well….. LET US CHOOSE WELL-BEING!


There are countless angles from which we may perceive the coronavirus. For the purposes of this message, I will speak to two perspectives and potentials.

From one angle, the coronavirus ‘has us’ in a global health crisis. We are being told that humans have no immunity to this pathogen. This angle places human beings squarely in victim mode.

This angle casts this new organism in the role of ‘enemy’ against human life. Victimhood has our power ‘out there’ in the virus and external authorities. It has us frightened and frantic, hoarding and isolating, feeling trapped, wanting to escape or be rescued. It has us dreading ‘what will be’, spinning and projecting our fears outward, while careening into a dog-eat-dog kind of scarcity.

This is a reality of SEPARATION and DOMINATION.

Humans know this angle all too well. It’s a rugged road of struggle and suffer.

From another angle, the coronavirus is a new organism we’ve allowed into our global ecosystem to challenge human consciousness toward healing the massive crisis of separation. This angle places us in a seat of empowerment.

This angle casts the new organism as an ally that can energize us to elevate the quality of human life. Empowerment honors and highlights the power within and without. It tells us that the power within is working in concert with All, so we are not alone. It tells us that we have the power to shape our realities. It tells us that together, we can move through these frightening times with an abundance of resources.

This is the reality of CONNECTION and DOMINION.

Human consciousness is literally dying to learn how to live and thrive in Unity.


The presence of coronavirus forces even the most incredulous human to see that we are all connected. Like it or not, We Are One Human Family. The virus forces us to see that we are connected to other mammals and all elements of nature.
The virus is here to remind us that we matter, all lives matter, our choices matter, way beyond what we realize. Our arrogance and denial of these truths has gotten the better of us as a species. We’ve been asleep and unconscious far too long.

We need to become better (to heal) as human beings, as a species. We need to become better citizens of the world today, and for the sake of Beacon Futures. Mother Earth needs us to be better guests and stewards. She is here abidingly to help human kind through these tumultuous times.

Coronavirus says, “It’s time to wake up, people.”

There is so much mystery and opportunity in the arrival of this pathogen.

I cannot help but notice the word PATH embedded in the word ‘pathogen’. This gets me curious about the coronavirus as a metaphoric path. Through the lenses of the fear of the unknown and fear of harm, this virus appears like a potentially powerful path of destruction. And it could be, if we allow it to become so.

Including and beyond the bounds of fear and harm, I am among many who see coronavirus inviting us to a path of powerful and profound healing, liberation, and evolution. This is the path and passion I choose to activate.

I hope you join me in this perspective and movement to help me forge and expand a great pathway of liberation for humankind. We need a lot of grounding, support, and leadership at this time. We are up to this challenge!

There is work to be done….a new kind of embodiment and a new level of inner work to promote increased health, well-being and wholeness for ourselves and our entire species.

The coronavirus is a magnet for human fear.

It feeds on our activated fear patterns and projections. As we run our fear stories at the virus, it grows more insidious. As we strategize and operate from our fear stories, we open up gateways for the virus to have negative impact, further weakening our immunity to its impact on every level.

Good News!!  We are powerful reality creators, and we have choice about how to proactively respond to this virus on a metaphysical level. It’s time to rise up collectively in our strength and power and do our part to evolve our well-being.


Beyond hand washing and avoiding contact, there are mind/body/spirit steps we can take to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on our health, and the well-being of all who inhabit our planet.


? Make Self-Care Your Top Priority.

Anxiety and stress are traveling companions of daily life. Stress levels are off the charts and rising. As we know, stress greatly reduces our immune system’s ability to fight antigens. Stress also robs us of our high functioning capacities. It pushes us into survival mode and prevents us from thinking clearly; it puts our bodies into a state of hyper vigilance. Too much stress for too long leads to overwhelm and, eventually, some form of break down.

Let’s be proactive and mindful in elevating self-care so breakdown is an unnecessary function in seeking new balance.

Stress produces an acidic state in the body, so we need to alkalize more to create balance. We can do this through various avenues by paying close attention to:

✨ How we breathe.
✨ How much we sleep.
✨ What we eat and drink.
✨ What we feel and think.
✨ Our attitudes and behaviors.
✨ What we expose ourselves to.

A great proportion of human consciousness is triggered and trapped in survival mode. The perceived threat of the virus signals our survival mechanisms to baseline fight/flight/freeze/fuck reactions and patterns.

In addition to the physical dis-ease potential of the coronavirus, there are waves of emotional dis-ease fear, anxiety, and panic patterns circling around our planet. Empathically, we are all caught in this web of fear and impacted by this ‘threat of annihilation’…even if we are not consciously aware of it.

These simple daily practices can greatly reduce the stressors of the times:

? Practice deep breathing techniques to alkalize the body and
balance the nervous system.

? Take more time in Nature.

? Give yourself plenty of quiet and solitude.

? Be faithful to an ideal exercise routine.

? Be sure to get enough sleep. Whenever you can.

? Drink more water.

? Avoid/reduce caffeine and other stimulants.

? Limit screen time and overexposure to EMFs.

? Decrease activity….Increase productivity (resist overdoing).

? Give/receive more physical affection (safely).

Touch is soothing….human beings need touch. Fear of coronavirus is steering us away from physical touch which is a strong subliminal message to our subconscious. We need more physical touch now than ever, so stay safe and keep on touching.


? Uncover And Release Your Fear Stories.

Fear gets a really bad rap. Like all human emotions, fear is an ally.

When we engage our fear reactively, it is much harder to receive its gifts. When we’re able to respond to our fear from a unified core of safety and well-being, we are able to receive the wisdom of its messages more clearly and lead ourselves to choice informed by, yet not restricted by fear.

However, our fear stories have the opposite effect. They are anything but supportive or beneficial.

The narratives we craft out of a prolonged state of fear, anxiety and/or trauma are limiting at the very least and can become dangerous and destructive.

The work here is to go directly to the fear you aren’t owning. The fear you are hiding from yourself and others. These times are calling us to go deep into our substance and mine for the fear that ‘has us’, in ways we haven’t yet integrated or balanced.

Look first to the chronic fear you carry and then mine through the layers of fear buried beneath. You will discover (or discover newly) some bottom-line fear that lives in the foundation of your consciousness and spreads through your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, attitudes, decisions, and choices….. like a virus.

Some common foundational human fears:

Fear of exposure
Fear of loss
Fear of humiliation
Fear of abandonment
Fear of rejection
Fear of betrayal
Fear of consumption
Fear of annihilation

Instead of fighting our fear, or running from it, or becoming paralyzed by it, we can own it as our ally and drop the mental narratives and patterns we’ve created around it. See the narratives for what they are….skillfully constructed coping mechanisms. See the patterns for what they are….skillfully executed survival strategies.

We created our fear stories and patterns at times of reaction to a perceived threat to the safety of our Beingness and Belonging…. at times when Love and Worth seemed to be at risk.

Living with a persistent threat of dark chaos, it’s understandable why we carry these complex thought forms in our minds and bodies. It is no surprise that the spin of the threat of coronavirus has triggered and activated our deeply embedded fear stories and strategies.

It’s time to release, integrate, and balance more of what you can. It will be a gift to you and yours, and to the whole of humankind. Some of the work will take solitude and reflection, and some will require support of others. Find your best ways to illuminate and liberate your fear and release your attachments to your fear stories and you will help close the gateways of coronavirus impact.


? Call On The Light Of Truth.

In the midst of the dark chaos of our times, we are called to summon and follow the Light of Truth. Living in Truth has never been more crucial to the evolution of humanity.

What do I mean by that? I’m referring to Truth as a state of Self-Loyalty.

Being loyal to Self, to your character, and therefore All That Is.

Being loyal to Self is not selfish; it does not exclude ‘other’. In the depth of our character, we know the truth that we are all One….we are all connected. So WE CARE about the impact of our choices on our greater reality.

When we choose to live our Truth, we are aiming to experience the integrity of our best selves and create impact that benefits the integrity of the Greater Whole.

Qualities of Truth:

? Humility
? Honesty
? Being honorable
? Vulnerability (the core of Truth)
? Honoring (self and others)
? Faithfulness
? Valuing your Connection to All

These qualities help ground us as we light our way forward into the rich and ripe Unknown with greater cooperation, collaboration, and generative power.

The work with Truth lives within this personal inquiry:


Allow this inquiry to illuminate more Truth about yourself/your character.
Allow all that does not support this Truth to fall away.
Allow it to open up new, more powerful pathways of potential.
Allow it to help expand and elevate your choices.

This is where your exploration begins. Your destination (destiny) calls.
The destiny of humankind is asking….


There is no right or wrong, the choice is up to you.


Metaphysically speaking, I believe we are being called forth by the coronavirus to be more empowered human organisms. As an empowered human, please give more time attention to your overall well-being and wholeness. Please encourage others to do the same. Let’s allow our caring to have greater impact.

Please consider exploring three pivotal interventions as a means of mitigating the impact of the coronavirus:

☯️  Making Self-Care Top Priority
☯️  Releasing Fear Stories,
☯️  Activating The Light Of Truth

The mind/body/spirit opportunities and practices in this missive are being actively road-tested by me and a growing collective of light-workers and game changers.

The insights, healing, integration, liberation, and expansion are exponential.
The empowerment is undeniable….the beneficial impact is unprecedented.

A New World movement toward Dominion is gaining momentum….the presence of coronavirus is an opportunity to expand Dominion on our planet. We can choose to be terrified or excited by this transformation, and everything in between. It’s so important that we choose wisely, and consciously, moment to moment.

It’s my hope and intent that this content will be food for the soul, elixir for the mind and medicine for human embodiment, harm to none. If you find this offering helpful, please share this content freely.

With Great Love and Integrity, and Belief in the Best of Humanity,



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  1. Thank you so much Gail,
    I feel like you just gave me a bunch of healing hopeful beautiful gifts….
    Be well and walk softly,

  2. Excellent article – thank you Gail. I’m trying to remember where I saw it posted (was not on your site). The part of delving into our unexplored fears was very rich, and so important so we can choose more consciously the thoughts and emotions we want to guide us into this new world that is forming.
    Well wishes,


    1. Thank you for letting me know that you found this article helpful, Susan. Indeed, what we choose to guide us is ever more important in these unprecedented transformational times. Well wishes to you, Gail

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