I’m here to help you source and savor the fruits of your labor.

Here’s a small harvest of endorsements from clients:

“Gail is an extremely wise woman. She has helps me harmonize and optimize the different aspects of myself as I seek a successful career path as well as marriage, parenthood and wellness.”

– Ward Hendon, Entrepreneur/Investor

“Gail has been my personal and professional coach for years now, so clearly I’m deriving huge value from working with her (as are all the people who work with me!). Her credentials are first rate, of course. She has an arsenal of tools at the ready for any situation. But what makes Gail special is: Her uncanny intuitive ability — she just knows what’s up, often before you do. Her ferocity — in the nicest, most generous way she won’t let you off the hook on the important stuff and will keep calling out your BS if necessary. And related to that, the huge expanse of her comfort zone — if you are willing, she will take you places you may think you don’t need to go, but almost assuredly do. Go there, you won’t regret it.”

– Mark Barden, Partner/Owner, Eatbigfish

“Working with Gail is a magical adventure of personal and professional development. She has a breadth and depth of resources and experience, both conventional and unconventional, which she weaves together intuitively and masterfully. The impact on my leadership, my relationships and my business has been transformational and created results I could never have imagined and which are nothing short of miraculous.“

– Sharon Hall, Principal – River Deep Leadership Consultancy

“I’ve been working with Gail for three years and what has been most impactful is the positive changes I’ve seen in myself. Gail’s methods apply practical and applicable skills that can be used in the corporate world and in your personal life. I’ve been able to see tangible results on my path to become the most mature version of myself. Gail also challenges me to stretch my boundaries and reach for new heights. What continuously impresses me and draws me to Gail is her empathic insights and intuition. Often I will have a session with Gail and before I can articulate my thoughts she will provide an insight about what she is feeling and she is almost always spot on!! The balance between her right and left brain that she brings to her work is her unique value proposition!!”

– Jeanne Tari, Global Head, Facebook Blueprint

“Gail is an outstanding coach. A powerful and finely tuned ball of energy, Gail challenges and dares her beloved clients in a nurturing and refreshingly honest environment. There are no hidden agendas with Gail – her clients are the centre of her energetic and soulful universe. Gail is a hugely courageous coach, a passionate and loving human being to boot. My journey with Gail has seen me step up and unpack the most authentic version of myself – I can’t even begin to describe the role Gail has played, except to say that she is a fabulous resource in the ongoing adventure of my life.”

– Andrew Sheridan, Principal – On the Up & MJCabanel

“When I first hired Gail as my coach in January 2006, I remember wondering about whether it was a self-indulgent luxury to have my own coach. The investment paid off in real terms in the very first session, when Gail coached me to be honest with myself about a client relationship that was draining me and I needed to exit. Since then, Gail has lovingly midwifed my growing business and CEO identity, and helped me define my own (mostly) joyous version of work-life-parenting integration. She has grown me in ways I couldn’t have imagined, always believing in me whilst at the same time being refreshingly honest. When I finish a call with her, every cell of my body feels energised and her positivity and wisdom stay with me throughout the month. As a direct result of my work with Gail, I’m much clearer about what I want in my life and at work, and dramatically braver and better at getting it.”

– Kate Franklin, Company Director – White & Lime


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