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About me. . .  in a coconut shell.

I am a woman who wears many hats, vocationally speaking.

A seasoned co-active coach and multi-talented creative channel, I’m known for cultivating greatness with individuals, partners, and groups worldwide. My works are infused with great care, inventive intelligence, relatable intuition, good humor and creative charm. I use innovative approaches to inspire and champion those who are forging new world maps and models of collaboration and sustainable success.

I’m enthusiastic, insightful, and honest.  And I walk my talk.  I’m a big picture person with sensitivity to the details.  I take to heart my calling to partner with people who are willing to claim more ownership for creating the lives of their dreams and a world that values and nurtures the greater good.

My partnership style is organic, warm, and user-friendly, mixed with flavors of spicy humor, compassionate rigor and magical touches of the metaphysical. Together, my clients and I go to their center, their edges, and beyond. . . moving with vitality and vulnerability, with bravery and boldness.

Over decades I’ve witnessed and midwifed mind-blowing MAGIC, created by people who live their lives consciously and courageously, through focused reflection, empowered choice and commitment.

Having an assorted array of interests and talents, I bring a diverse background of life experience to my works. I’ve spent the past 30 years exploring the realms of human potential, creativity, and relationship systems, with an expanding thread of spiritual discovery and metaphysics woven throughout.

No life-giving topic or terrain is taboo. Discovering what it is to be a dynamic universal being expressing through the human form to create a rich, meaningful life is the best use of my strengths and where I naturally shine.  It’s also where my clients enjoy the rich discovery and amazing results they desire.

It’s thrilling to partner with people across cultures to co-create more healthy collaboration, harmony, and prosperity worldwide.

EMBRACE THE POWER OF WE. . . It’s Nature at its best.