I’m here to co-create with you. . .  EMBRACE THE POWER OF WE.

Every human being is a phenomenal slice of life made up of trillions of cells, a diverse range of qualities and quirks, gifts and talents, impulses and urges, reactions and responses. Each person is a mysterious fusion of creative potential and inherent wisdom in the flesh, in the constant motion of experiencing life.

We are designed to be to be vital and inventive. . . to be valued and caring . . . to be stimulated and expressed. . . to be at choice. . . to grow and evolve along a one-of-a-kind path.

We are individuals belonging to a greater whole. We deserve to be supremely happy, healthy and fruitful, by our unique design.  We are here, playing our part within our global garden and our greater universal ecosystem. . . we have impact, we matter. . . in every moment.

Imagine the infinite possibilities emerging all at once!

My services aim to slow down and simultaneously invigorate the creative process and evolution of the whole-spectrum human miracle that is you. No matter what your focus and desired outcomes may be, we will look together at your vision and choices, at the avenues of expanded expression and well-being, as well as the challenges calling you forward.

As a result, you will find yourself becoming more aware, tuned-in, and living true to your most powerful generative nature. You will activate new sources of motivation, new levels of expression and effectiveness, becoming more realized and deeply satisfied in the process.

I will be an advocate for your personal greatness and a champion of your dreams and ambitions.  Sound good??  Be in touch and let’s explore possibilities together.


GAIL BARRIE, CPCC.       1 415 578 2393