I’m here to champion your creative visions and aspirations.

Creativity, by it’s very nature, is meant to be expressed. . . as freely and fully as one will dare to allow.

We are all creative beings with unique expressions fueled by  messages we hope to convey, ideas we intend to share, dreams in the works, and innovations for a world becoming new .

My work as Muse for Creatives of various flavors is now even more in demand.  If you need a hand, a heart-mind map, and eyes on the prize in the creative expression department, I may be a great addition to your dream team.

Whether you are hungry for a creative kickstart, reboot, or nurturing of your creative genius, let’s explore the possibility of creative partnership where I help you bring your signature expressions to life.

As I develop my creative prowess, my love affair with the written word, ideation, and imagery continues.  My sense of design and systems that support healthy creative flow expand.  Writing services, conceptual design and development are at the ready for really cool projects.


GAIL BARRIE, CPCC.       1 415 578 2393